Thursday, June 25, 2009

My testicles hurt after an ejaculation? -

My testicles hurt after an ejaculation? -

Is it a bad sign if my testicles are a little sore after I ejaculate?

I dont think so. But if you *** a lot or something it could make u sore. n
OH MY GOD THAT IS SO NOT GOOD!!! just kidding.....I don-t know!
Aw man, nothing wrong with that. Been sensitive for more than 40 years now, and they never failed to work right as advertised. Just forget about it and enjoy what-s before ejaculation. It-s worth a little sensitiveness afterwards.
I believe his can be referred to as -blue balls-. Assuming this is -blue balls-, it-s usually brought about by ejaculating too often, or by ejaculating too infrequently.

If after ejaculation, you-re suffering from discomfort or pain often and for long periods of time, I-d play it safe, and visit your GP who would possibly refer you to a urologist or some other expert in this area.

Hope everything get-s sorted out,
See a doctor urologist right away. Do not accept a non-diagnosis such as, it will go away, or your jeans are too tight. It could be a number of things, some more serious than others.
If you are observant enough you will notice that during ejaculation, your testes tend to move upward towards the inguinal area. This is a result of muscle contraction pulling the testis upward. If you feel pain when this happens, the possibilities are: a normal condition, only that the muscle contraction is too great affecting the nerves to your testes; epididymitis (infection/inflammation of the epididymis{storage area for sperms}). This, however is associated with painful urination and the pain is persistent even at rest. If your condition is recurrent, consult a Urologist.
If they recover after a while and quit hurting, you are normal, just have some powerful contractions to ejaculate, which also tighten the sac and bruise the balls. If they continue to hurt for a day or so afterwards you may have twisted some of the plumbing pipes and would need to see a Urologist.
If the sexual activity is kind of rough and th etesticles are being banged aroudn or what-have-you some, then they may well hurt more than a little by the time you finish up. In that case try to find better ways to masturbate or have sex that keep them from being abused.

However if that is not the case, then feel free to take them to your doctor and have him examine them thoroughly after you explain the situation to him.
My testicles hurt after an ejaculation? -